Every spectator is important

Joint experience is powerful

Good taste isn't something you're born with

Cultivated taste of new audience to performing arts is significant for society.

High – quality and emotional artistic event includes elements of both adventure and experience.

Live communication can outcompete the digital world – children’s free time most influential competitors.

Every spectator is important.

Author of concept Festival EJUMEKLĒT!


Festival means the exchange of experiences

Versatile. Professional. Open.

About festival

From March 15 to 18, 2018, in Riga a theater festival “Eju meklēt!” will take place. It is organized by ASSITEJ – International professional children’s and youth theater association. Festival will offer an exchange of experience between theater professionals, spectators, actors, parents and children.

The program of the festival is exploring genre boundaries. Actors, teachers, choreographers, directors, students and art theorists are welcome to attend.

Festival presents a program of professional theater productions from Latvia, Lithuania and is aimed at children and youth from the ages 0 to 18.