For children and everyone who had ever been a child.

Everything is in order. The great World tree keeps flourishing. There is peace and harmony. 7 Princesses guard the foliage of the tree and take care of its flowers. The Prince guards the tree trunk and takes care of the land around it. For centuries, without reproof they keep track of everything happening as it should. Then, one day one of the princesses accidentally loses her crown and decides to go to look for it….


The Fabulous choreography: Latvian Academy of Culture Contemporary dance III year students:

Princesses: Dana Zvonarjova, Ieva Beatrise Vilkauša, Līga Ūbele, Arina Buboviča, Sabīne Neilande, Alīna Mihailova, Jana Jacuka, Laura Gorodko, Ksenija Simanova
The Prince: Nauris Miķelis Goba
Dramaturge: Anna Zvaigzne
Musician: Mārtiņš Zariņš
Scenography: Estere Betija Grāvere, Milda Muktupāvela

Light designer: Niks Cipruss