March 9 at 16:00


In Latvian – Koklītes ceļojums

Mono-show in the form of fairy tale introduces the audience with music instruments – drums, mandolin, harmonicas; each has their own looks and sounds.

Through the use of the harp’s beautiful sounds actor Edgars Lipors introduces everyone with The Little Harp, who lives together with her father – The Big Harp. Like it happens to little and inquisitive creatures, they have a lot of questions about the outside world. These questions never end, and new ones always arise, for example, why flowers grow upwords, why the sun is yellow and why snow – white.

To know this all, The Little Harp goes on a journey around the world together with children from the audience.


Genre: musical concert lecture

Director: Edgars Lipors, Lilija Lipora

Age: 4+

Venue: I-DEJAS MĀJA (Lāčplēša 60)