March 9 at 17:30
Latvia Puppet theatre, Small Hall

In Latvian – 7 pasakas par Ņukucīti

The drawing theatre for all family has been inspired from Latvian poets’ Aivars Neibarts fairy tales.

The show combines sincere naivety with wisdom, and it shows on the smiles of the parents, coming to the show with their children. Poetical language is affluent and game-some/playful, children are interested in the words he/she doesn’t recognize; theatre and art is arising the quest for knowledge.

Drawing theatre is a professional troupe, which is creating a unique form of performance, combining the drawing, music and acting. Picture theatre has been recognized with the Latvian theatre award in 2012 as the best show for children and youth as well as received many other awards internationally. The motto of the this theatre is: Drawing is a perfect time!


Genre: drawing theatre

Director: Varis Klausītājs

Age: 6+

Venue: Latvia Puppet theatre, Small Hall (Kr.Barona 16-18)