Cinderella – the beautiful, romantic and heartwarming fairytale returns on the theatre`s stage. The show is an adventure in the art of puppetry, featuring the creations of leading puppet-makers from several generations. Combining the sketches of the puppet theater`s grand master Pavils Šenhovs and filigree facial expressions of puppets, made by a legendary sculptor Anna Nollendorfa, the artist Anita Znutiņa-Šēve has created vivid and compelling characters with a flavor of a new era, thus transforming this puppetry heritage into a novel and contemporary performance. Not for nothing the Director of the show says, “These puppets are far too good actors not to be let on the stage!”

This performance is a show and a festivity for those who seek sincerity, real values and fulfilled expectations both on stage and in life. This is a musical and colorful fairy tale for dreamers of all ages.

For children from the age of 3.