March 9 at 19:00
Babīte Culture centre


In the show two clowns go to a concert hall for a fun-filled night of slapstick, songs, and acrobatic mischief!

Piip and Tuut are two janitors who tidy the concert hall after each performance. One day, they decide they want to see a cultural event for themselves. Finding free seats in the audience after little mess, they are surprised to realize that they’ve left their supplies on the stage — but the show is about to start!

This clown-duo appears in the lights and puts up a show unlike anything you´ve ever seen. And the laughter is contagious!

Genre: clownery

Actors: Haide Männamäe, Toomas Tross

Language: English, mime

Age: 4+

Length: 50 minutes

Venue: Babīte Culture centre

Tickets – at the venue, EUR 7:00