Once upon a time there was quite an ordinary family – Bear the dad, Antelope the mom, and their children – Baby Fox the son, and Partridge the daughter. Once, they decided to set off for a journey to visit friends in the faraway Village of Cranes…

Tras, Tras, Tras – up the trail, Tras, Tras, Tras – down the trail… Did you know there are places where people are called in the names of animals and birds, where a man sings morning song to his shadow, where you have to enter house down by the chimney, and both children and adults sometimes suffer from the “ha-ha” illness? Follow the adventures of the main characters and discover the diverse world of the Native Americans, full of fascinating and ancient mysteries!

Director: Inga Tropa

Actors: Laura Atelsone, Kārlis Derums, Kārlis Tols, Kristīne Klimanova, Jekaterina Garfunkele, Edvīns Klimanovs