March 11 at 20:00
Riga Art Space

March 12 at 12:00
Riga Art Space


In Latvian – Ēnas

Synthesis of contemporary dance and shadow theatre principles


Dance performance about our connection with Universe and God, about life on planet Earth, about death and our shadows, which are integral part of our existence. In performance choreographer Lilija Lipora solves questions – What is shadow? What is shadow of mine, society, dance and century itself?

Performance is a space for imagination, knowledge and simply for pleasure. The form of performance gives opportunity to find relevant and interesting things for everyone themselves.


Genre: shadows and movement

Choreographer: Lilija Lipora

Dance: Gabija Bīriņa, Kate Pumpiņa, Katrīna Albuže/Darja Krauze, Reinis Rešetins, Modris Opelts/Edgars Šļakota

Light and video scenography: Egils Kupčs

Assistants of production: Edgars Lipors , Viljams Plešs

Music: Stefano Barone (, Liene Circene

Costumes: Guna Stikāne

Age: 12+

Venue: Riga Art Space (Kungu 3)

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