This performance is planned as a fun game, where the participants together with viewers will try to find a way to a hug. Through movement the performers will live through many different relationship variations, where the active participants try to make a contact, but can’t find a common ground. To make a hug, you need at least two people. But what to do if there are three of you?

The nature of this performance is interactive, where children are welcomed to join in and find out for themselves, which type of hug is the best one and the most pleasing from all the others. In this performance the dance will mix with songs, poetry with music and laughter.

The aim of this performance is to further development of little viewers associative thinking, as well as introduce the children to contemporary dance in a language they can understand. A touch is very important component in the making of any relationship. Through a hug one can express love and care, and with that even heal.

The performance director Antra Austriņa – Seņkāne tells us: “While taking my child to cultural events, I realised that the offer differs from high quality and imaginative to purely entertaining in a cheap manner. Personally, I am more interested in the first option. That is why I decided to stage a contemporary dance performance for children. I believe that children should be exposed to different kind of art from early on. Contemporary dance lets each to create their own story, plus it’s language is universal.”

Director: Antra Austriņa – Seņkāne
Choreographers and performers: Alise Putniņa,
Katrīna Albuže, Modris Opelts

The performance is aimed for children age 4 – 8 and adults.