„He is naked!” is a modern version of the famous fairytale „The Emperor’s New Clothes” by Hans Christian Andersen. A musical and interactive play involving elements of pantomime and clowning, where the main stars are an actor, a mime and a musician. Once upon a time a king was so obsessed with new outfits, that he gave all of his wealth so that he would always be dressed in the most suffisticated clothing. He often attended theatres, concerts, exhibitions and organised his own celebrations just to show off his newest and most modern brand outfits. While other kings were always managing their councils, this one was said to always be changing his clothes…This time the kingdom was being prepared for a special celebration – Gates of glory were made and the king had ordered himself a magical outfit with light ornaments, that can only be seen by those who are wise.

Director Dita Balčus

Scenario by Edgars Niklasons

Musical director Elizabete Balčus

Artist Justīne Lūce

Choreographer  Alise Putniņa

Starring: Māris Bezmers (actor), Andrejs Mošāns (mime), Elizabete Balčus (musician)


Premiere on March 17 at „3 Māsas” theatre

 The play is advised for viewers aged 9+