March 12 at 13:30
“3 Māsas”

In Latvian – Kas par traku, tas par traku

A journey into the fantasies of renowned Latvian poet Ojārs Vācietis. The fantastic world of his poetry revives in front of the audience – in the form of songs, dances and games. Live music makes the audience interact actively and to start dancing together. Ojārs Vacietis’ comedic elements, original music by Elizabete Balčus as well as an exciting movement of actors create an uplifting atmosphere and acts like a vitamin of high spirits.

The show has been nominated for Latvian theatre award “Spēlmaņu nakts” in season 2013/2014.


Genre: poetry and music performance

Director: Dita Balčus

Lyrics: Ojārs Vācietis

Music: Elizabete Balčus, Artis Gāga, Kristiāna Abiļeva, Gidons Grīnbergs / Kārlis Bramanis

Actors: Egija Silāre, Māris Bezmers

Venue: “3 Māsas” (Zirgu 1)

Age: 6+

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