March 11 at 18:00
Latvia Puppet theatre
Small Hall


Kashtanka by Anton Chekhov

Kashtanka is a dog. Chekhov said – the most common dog that you can imagine. She is simple in her appearance, simple in her height. But she has very special eyes.

Kashtanka lives with her Owner till the moment she straggles. She finds a new Owner, and a new life – beautiful and full with interesting events – begins. But in her dreams Kashtanka still sees the previous Owner. And misses the Home.

Story about the little reddish mongrel dog is a Russian children’s literature classic. Director Dmitrijs Petrenko is interested in the philosophical aspect of this piece – capturing the feeling of real Home.

Everyone has a Home. It is not always a place we live, but the place and time we miss the most. Those can be the most unexplainable and incomprehensible feelings – to miss something like that. And only we know, why we want to be somewhere we cannot be. This is the story about the longing to be Home.


Genre: puppet theatre without dialogues

Director: Dmitrijs Petrenko

Stage design: Liene Mackus

Composer: Anno Mimicus

Animator: Lizete Upīte

Age: 6+

Venue: Latvia Puppet theatre (Kr. Barona 16-18)

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