March 10 at 10:00
Dance hall of Riga Congress Centre


Every day thousands of children are learning to understand their surroundings. It is either by what they see or what they touch, what they hear or what they taste. While it seems it is only a pleasant activity, with the help of games our young ones learn to discover and accept the environment around them.

Birute Baneviciute and Giedre Subotinaite encourage children to take part in this performance and to explore not only the tiny world they have created on stage but also themselves. “Colourful games“ is full of surprises and chances to participate by having fun together with the dancer.


Genre: interactive dance/circus performance

Director: Birute Baneviciute

Dancer: Indrė Bacevičiūtė

Lights: Aurelijus Davidavicius

Age: <3

Length: 40 min

Venue: Dance hall of Riga Congress  Centre (Kr.Valdemara 5)

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