March 1o at 18:00
“3 māsas”

In Latvian – Šnāpuļa piedzīvojumi



Puppet show for children by Liepāja Travelling puppet theatre “Maska”. It’s about a lonely caterpillar, who is in search for friends. Nobody wants to make friends with this ugly caterpillar, since he is not as pretty as the others. Everything changes when the caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly, and now everyone wants to be his friend.

The main theme of the show is friendship – between humans, between all the living creatures. When looking for new friends, it’s not the looks that matter; most important is to be sympathetic and friendly at heart.


Genre: dramatic puppet theatre

Director: Pēteris Trups

Age: 3-7

Venue: “3 māsas” (Zirgu 1)

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