Documental play “Aizputes hronikas” (“The Chronicles of Aizpute”) is a play about Aizpute and its young people. The dramaturgical groundworks are the experienced stories from young people’s childhood, every day and school life in Aizpute. Friendship, first love, encounters, choosing a profession and future dreams.

Many believe that nothing really happens in a small town. Is it true? We will research what really happens when it seems that nothing happens.

Theatre director Sandija Kalniņa

Choreographer Kristīne Brīniņa

Lights/Sound Matīss Mirbahs

Aizpute theatre studio “Panda” actors Luīze Balode, Zane Reine, Terēze Džabrailova, Elīna Juska, Jānis Bīmanis, Jānis Zaicevs, Andžejs Gūtmanis, Māris Mumgaudis, Dāvids Koškins.