The age, when child want’s to know everything, is suited for us to tell an old tale through our ancestors advice and answer questions we all want to be answerd, such as – how was everything created? Why everything is the way it is? Why cat is so lazy and does almost nothing all day long? Why does the dog guard our home and why is he always the shepherd? Why wolf is so evil and angry all the time? In this performance we show the images of righteous God, clumsy Devil, sneaky housekeeper and others.

Fog machine is used on the set.

Director: Lelde Kaupuža
Scenographer: Lāsma Vaiče
Artist: Aleksandra Runde
Sculptor/butafor: Laura Rutkovska
Music consultant: Ieva Tālberga
Motion consultant: Kristīne Brīniņa
Sound and light operator: Jānis Brašs