The monodrama „The Warrior” is an archaic yet modern symbolic non verbal narrative exploring self–awareness and the identification with land, tribe, family and the individual through the art of movement and use of different objects. When the primordial idea of belonging becomes conscious there is a need to protect it with both inner and outer strenght.

The performance draws from Latvian traditions as well as those of other cultures expressing the common roots of different cultures of the world. The story can be percieved on different levels at the same time and is open to personal interpretation. The actor Edgars Lipors has mastered an exquisite art of movement consisting of both dynamic expression and effortless grace. By embodying different characters Edgars explores the interaction between feminine and masculine archetypes. Objects of symbolic importance for Latvians such as a straw mobile, axe, necklet, belt etc. help to reveal the story with the beautiful language of movement and original music.